Bigshots Grill

Since our opening day, our kitchen has been changing the reputation of what defines bar & grill food. Our cooks are always coming up with new recipes using the finest ingredients and their collective culinary wisdom to satisfy each and every customer’s taste (without the aid of several happy hour drinks most pubs would require to enhance the quality of their dishes). As the times change, our kitchen staff is always ahead of the curve, evolving just as fast (if not faster) than the demand requires. With over 60 collective years in the restaurant industry, our cooks are always up to the challenge of providing a quality restaurant experience while you enjoy a few rounds of pool or that after work drink.

Dine in only!
MONDAY – All you can eat spaghetti for $3.50!
TUESDAY – Taco Tuesday! Shredded beef and chicken. All $1 each!
WEDNESDAY – Pizza Night! All slices $1.00, XLarge 1 topping pizza for $8.50!
THURSDAY – Wings Night! 2 of our world famous wings for only $1!
FRIDAY – Freddy’s Famous Clam Chowder for $5.95, Fish & Chips for only $9.95

4 Responses to Bigshots Grill

  1. says:

    a damn good place to go.

  2. Marcus Slather says:

    One of the best bars I’ve been to in Orange County. Lots of pool tables, great food, incredible bartenders. Its simply one of the best. Keep it up!

  3. Scott Hall says:

    I love this place!. Awesome food. The bartenders are gorgeous and the service is fast and friendly. Try the French Dip!!!

  4. Bill G says:

    Ya know for a bar, they have the best food for the buck. Different things every day, fast and friendly.

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